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5 misconceptions about medicinal CBD

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The popularity of cannabis as a therapeutic alternative is gaining ground progressively. Especially, there has been a great interest in a specific cannabinoid: cannabidiol (CBD).

Several reasons explain this process and in previous articles we have explained what are the differences between the different types of CBD that exist in the market.

Unlike the concentrate extracted from genetics high in CBD from the female plant or “marijuana”, the CBD from hemp, the CBD can be marketed and even exported from countries such as Canada or the United States.

Hemp has few or almost no amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which means that it does not have the same therapeutic value as other types of complete “marijuana” concentrates.

Although there are hemp genetics specialized in oil production, according to some medicinal users, it is better than having nothing.

Numerous growers, activists and internet portals have boarded the ship of the CBD, for reasons simply commercial, and not medicinal. Some demonize the THC, taking advantage of medicinal cannabis boom.

As a result, sick people are being affected and scammed with wrong speeches that we here refute.

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CBD is good. THC is bad.


From any point of view, CBD is as good as THC. Or, they are a complement.

It is also a lie to affirm that the CBD does not have any type of psychoactivity if we take into account genetic with ratios of 1: 1 or 2: 1. Like Harley Quin or Harley Tsu. See article by researcher Ethan Russo on this topic: “Cannabidiol Claims and Missconceptions”.

THC is recreational. CBD, medicinal.


MCN receives numerous questions on this matter. Recently, it has been put into some sector of the population that THC is recreational or “addictive” and that CBD is the “good” medicinal part.

Actually, THC contains excellent therapeutic properties. Besides being thanks to this cannabinoid that sick people have found relief before the rise of CBD genetics.

The CBD begins to be famous no more than from 2014, when the CNN made a documentary on epilepsy (a condition in which CBD is specifically used with little THC) and this year, when the World Health Organization (WHO) He released a statement in which CBD properties are accepted in high cannabis genetics, not in CBD extracted from hemp.

In fact, studies by Cristina Sánchez at the Complutense University of Madrid have shown how THC destroys cancer cells through the process called apoptosis. Also, scientists at the Scripps Research Center in San Diego reported that THC inhibits the malignant plaque that causes Alzheimer’s.

Another case is the recognition of the US federal government to the study of synthetic molecules of THC as it is the case of Marinol, a medicine against nausea.

Because of its therapeutic potential, THC is still considered as dangerous as cocaine and heroin, despite its effectiveness.

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CBD is good without THC


If your dispensary, distributor or friend makes this statement, clearly is not an expert or just wants to sell you a product. Both THC and CBD are powerful compounds that interact best when they are together.

Scientific studies have established that both interact synergistically, and in such a way, potentiate their therapeutic effects. British researchers demonstrated that CBD enhances the anti-inflammatory properties of THC.

In addition, studies in Spain and California have concluded that a combination of both makes antitumor power more effective in the treatment of cancer patients.

Finally, an extensive study showed that CBD combined with THC is more beneficial for neuropathic pain than a single molecule.

Hemp CBD is the same as Cannabis CBD

The hemp CBD (hemp) industry contain lower amounts of cannabidiol than that extracted from female plants or flowers-cannabis buds. Numerous quantities are required to extract a little CBD from hemp.

In addition, some experts agree that there is a risk because the properties of hemp as “bio-accumulator” make it may be contaminated with different soil toxics.

CBD Hemp Oil, does not contain THC, or contain it in small quantities depending on the extraction process. Which makes the entourage effect difficult. But in addition, it lacks terpenes and flavinoids that are found in the flower and whose therapeutic effects are very high, they also improve the final extract.

CBD is enough for epilepsy and other diseases

There are several companies dedicated to the exclusive production of products known as “CBD-only” or, only CBD, which technically means that it contains low levels of THC.

Although it is good news for patients to have access to the CBD, where it exists, the truth is that it does not always work the same. For example, in some cases of epilepsy it has been found that by adding THC or raw THCa, seizures are diminished and, in addition, it induces appetite and sleep after painful seizures.

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