70% of US CBD products are dirty

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Non regulated CBD Products currently flood the market with oils, beauty products, chocolate or coffee.

However, a report from CBS Austin a laboratory called Ellipse Analytics claims that at least 70% of these products are not what their labels say and that they’re are contaminated.

After at least a score of analyzes, the researchers found presence of heavy metals such as arsenic and herbicides as the active glyphosate from the roundup, a product by Monsanto that presumably is a carcinogenic product.

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This means that the so-called “Boom of the CBD” has attracted people that might be thinking only about the money.

Are the products with CBD safe?

CBS Austin followed the work of a company licensed to market products with CBD.

According to his representative Jason Cranford, “most consumers are being deceived.”

“If you do not have USDA Organic certification, and the lab information does not appear, there’s no way to know what you’re buying,” says Cranford.

At least 70% of the hemp from which the CBD is extracted in the United States comes from China.

“We have an industry with a rampant quality control problem,” says Dr. Sean Callan of the Ellipse Analytics laboratory.

“A large part of the products that we analyzed in the lab claimed that I had CBD in them, but we did not find any trace.” he added.

According to him, his labels claim to have 5 or 6% more than they actually have.

Other studies such as the American Medical Association and Virginia Commonwealth University have published reports similar to those of CBS Austin and Ellipse Analytics.

The CBD market is expected to reach a value of up to $ 22 billion each year starting in 2022.

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