73% of patients leave drugs after using medicinal cannabis

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A New Frontier Data report on the profile of cannabis users in the United States shows a shift in the use of alcohol and drugs.

The report titled 2018-2019 Cannabis Consumer Report: Archetypes, Preferences & Trends was conducted through a survey of 3000 adult consumers on why they use cannabis, where they get it, how they consume it and their perspectives on society and life.

The survey results describe US trends in cannabis users nationwide breaking the binary barrier of “medicinal” and “recreational” use.


Adults who have access to cannabis prefer it over alcohol, even though they are consumers of both substances.

65% say they prefer cannabis to alcohol. The survey has also found a cultural change:

“While almost half of the participants (47%) say that their relationship with alcohol has not changed in the last two years, 31% say they take less than before, compared to 23% who say they are taking more. Finally, 45% consider the possibility of replacing it with cannabis in the future. “

The popularity of cannabis is booming, while the markets for alcohol and drugs weaken. This extractable data from the survey reflects, for example, that 84% of consumers think that it has some medicinal value and 82% of them thought that access should be completely legal.

Analysts see a shift in cannabis use by legal drugs such as alcohol and drugs:

46% prefer cannabis before alcohol.
74% believe it is safer than alcohol
73% of medicinal patients use it as a substitute for drugs
94% report improvement in their conditions

The change of preference in consumer patterns occurs within the context of the growing body of research about liquor damage. A study published in August in the British medical journal The Lancet pointed to the global dangers of deaths in the population between 15-49 years.

“The broad view on the benefits of alcohol needs to be reviewed, particularly by sharpening the methods and analysis that show how much alcohol use causes deaths globally. Our results show that safety levels are zero. “

Finally, the data published by New Frontier provides insights to understand the consumer spending patterns of cannabis.

60% of respondents spend less than $ 50 each time they purchase a product. However, the monthly expenditure of almost half (47%) is $ 100.

The preferred methods of consumption in the United States continue to be the joint and the pipes, but more than 53% want new products such as concentrates, vaporizers or foodstuffs.

The information demonstrates an exponential development of the industry as it has consolidated at the national level. The market for 2025 is expected to reach 25 billion dollars between both groups “medicinal” and “adult”.

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