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Argentina authorizes first medical cannabis center in the country



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Ministry of Security of Argentina authorized the first establishment dedicated to cultivate medicinal cannabis for scientific, research and therapeutic purposes.

The center will operate in Jujuy where Governor Gerardo Morales had already proposed an initiative in that direction. The measure was published last week in an official bulletin making the province of Jujuy the first in the country to adopt a cutting-edge measure in the field of medicine.

“Based on an exhaustive technical analysis carried out by a specialist from the federal force, it was concluded that the establishment had the necessary safety standards and complied with the legal guidelines imposed at the national and provincial levels.”

The crop will be carried out in an open field in a State territory and could be from 5 to 15 hectares. With this they seek to measure the adaptation of the plant to soil, water and climatic conditions.

According to local press reports, oil production could start between August and November of this year.

The other story

To achieve this “milestone”, as described by Governor Gerardo Morales, a company called Cannabis Avatara was created to begin work in collaboration with the American firm Green Leaf Farms International.

However, the news has generated noise in the community since the son of the governor, Gastón Morales is the president of the firm.

The accusations about nepotism were not made wait especially for the imprisonment of Iván Malajovich, an activist of the zone that taught to the patients to produce medicine.

But the connections between the two issues are not clear and could rather obey the law that allows the use of medical cannabis approved in April 2017 that authorizes state production and not an orchestrated persecution since the law does not authorize personal cultivation.

To date, countries such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay and Puerto Rico have enabled production for medicinal purposes. In Central America, Costa Rica does not penalize medicinal use, but has not yet enabled local sale or production.

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