Argentina: Ministry of Health delivers first batch of medical cannabis for children with refractory epilepsies

Treatment with medicinal cannabis will be intended for 14 patients of Garrahan hospital


The Ministry of Health in Argentina made the first delivery of medical-grade cannabis-based formulations to patients with epilepsy at Garrahan Hospital.

Protected by law 27350, the delivery and care of these patients represents a milestone in ensuring safe treatments for the population of patients with severe seizures who do not have effective treatments. The high-quality oils aim to improve the quality of life of at least 14 patients with seizures associated with the ailments Dravet Syndrome and Lennox Gastaut, among others.

“We are delivering for the first time a domestic cannabis derivative. This is a policy prioritized by the Ministry of Health that will benefit patients who are currently being treated with this product. It is an important day because we have accessibility to treatment, national production and this joint work between the hospitals and the Ministry of Health of the Nation, “said Sandra Tirado, Secretary of Access to Health, when leading the act in the hospital.

Each bottle has 3500 mg in a 30 ml bottle and is intended to meet the demand of such patients for at least the next two to three months. Argentina at the forefront of medicinal cannabis Argentine public institutions have understood the need for the development, research and treatment of their population with this type of novel remedies. Not only is there great scientific validity, but also, new types of treatment must be promoted and strengthened, in accordance with public policy.

This decision also puts Argentina at the forefront of the waste and acceptance of cannabinoids. According to Marcelo Morante, coordinator of the Medical Cannabis Program of the National Health portfolio, state involvement is the ideal path.

“It is the ideal scenario to conduct these processes: the Present State approaching positions from the scientific society and the mother who cultivates, finding these spaces of safety and efficiency that is the path that will lead us to what we seek that is the improvement of this pathology that so much incapacitates”.

For his part, the head of the Neurology Service of the hospital, Roberto Caraballo, indicated that “in these children who present frequent or daily seizures, some of them severe, it conditions the quality of life of the patient and the family, therefore the use of this treatment is important to control the crises, to reduce them and thus favor a better quality of life of the child and the family. That’s the fundamental indication of this new therapeutic product.”

The drug is called “Convupidiol” and was created in a national laboratory with raw material brought from Switzerland. For their part, hospital researchers have some time using treatments of this type and checking the effectiveness of these.





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