Argentina: new bill will allow to grow cannabis for medical use

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Deputy Santiago Igon, representative of the province of Chubut, presented a project to modify article 8 and include the figure of medicinal self-cultivation for people who require it.

This would be the expected modification to the law of 2017 where this figure was left out.

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Local media reported this morning that deputy Igon has the support of several legislative caucuses that have expressed solidarity with mothers and children. Just a few days ago, a court revoked a permit from a mother to carry out this activity that has thrown her into hiding.

This mother, like many other Argentines, already perform therapeutic cultivation in their homes, however, the law is highly punitive against this action. Growers and patients are being persecuted for this activity and each of them runs the risk of being raided with possibilities of criminal cases.

This project could benefit families with a formal authorization for a supportive cultivator or for a relative in each house, in the case of those who do it for their children.

According to information from the THC Magazine, the permit would be allowed through a credential that can be obtained by individuals and organizations with legal status, in case people do not take place in their homes to carry out this activity, have the option of collective crops.

The case that bothers the courts about the quality of the extracts could be solved by the universities and state agencies that would analyze the extractions that each one produces through these figures.

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