Argentina: this is what the first cannabis industrial park will look like

Regulation would provide for self-cultivation, collective and solidarity cultivation


The municipality of Bonaerense de San Pedro will have for the first time its industrial park dedicated, according to those responsible, in developing a comprehensive production of cannabis and its derivatives.

The initiative arises after the signing of a public-private agreement of the company Cannabis Cluster with the municipality of San Pedro.

Some will wonder how this is possible, whether cannabis remains illegal in Argentina. However, the project is given within the framework of the Medicinal Cannabis Law where the implementation of productive projects and research related to the plant is allowed – under regulations.

The initiative will aim to attract different companies interested in the integral production of cannabis and its derivatives for therapeutic purposes.

“It is a public-private initiative that will develop, in the town of San Pedro, Province of Buenos Aires, an agro-industrial and technological cluster that aims nuclear to different actors dedicated to the development of the cannabis industry in Argentina within the framework of the provisions of Law 27350/17. ” is read on the website.

The Municipality of San Pedro and this company recently signed the agreement with the interest of generating a revival of the productive sector.

According to mayor Cecilio Salazar: “the current law is restrictive: production is allowed for export, but we intend that it can be manufactured and sold in Argentina, as a drug”.

Pending the implementation of the regulation, the venture will be able to produce and research, rather than market, for the time being.





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