Argentina: University of Quilmes to open postgraduate course specialized on cannabis policies


The University of Quilmes is opening a brand-new Postgraduate Course in Cannabis, Regulation and Drug Policy whose objective will be to promote a discussion for a new drug policy based on human rights.

The diploma that will begin on September 29 aims to generate alternatives for governments to design other types of policies on this issue. Registration will end on June 28.

With this information, students will be able to discuss and have a deeper understanding of the prohibitionist policies that have prevailed for nearly 100 years. However, the approach will be based on national politics and the Argentine context.

The course will take various conversation angles for a total of 200 hrs. Among them:

  • Historical-legal seminar.
  • Medical seminar.
  • Seminar on Cannabis.
  • Seminar Public Drug Policy.
  • Research seminar and approach to cannabis issues.
  • Workshop of elaboration of the final work.

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