Argentine invents professional machine to produce cannabis oil at home

The device would be an option for families of patients with fewer resources who can not access imported medicines of this type.

A group of architecture students from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) designed a professional machine to extract cannabis and essential oils for medicinal use in Argentina.

The machine is called Nectar and ensures a professional option for those who use oils for therapeutic purposes that want to experiment or self-supply. The device would be an option for families of patients with fewer resources who can not access imported medicines of this type.

The group of students began the design in 2017, in the context of the approval of the National Law 27,350 that enables the medicinal use of cannabis. This was a good idea of ​​industrial development, according to Franco di Paolo, one of the creators of several local newspapers.

For this project, the students won the contest of the Ministry of Production of the Nation that takes by name Emprendé ConCiencia 2018.

How does it work?

The machine, although it has been launched with an emphasis on cannabis, is capable of performing different types of essential oils, as explained in the videos. In the case of cannabis, flowers and dry ice are used with which each person could begin their experimentation.

The novelty of the machine is that it is equivalent to the CPU of a computer, unlike the large machines that are currently used in laboratories or complete rooms.

“The idea is that a person can do it at home, it was one of the main premises, for example, that mothers can use, like those of Mama Cultiva,” she told Clarín, a local news paper.

Another advantage is the price, since industrial equipment of this type start costing around 10 thousand dollars cheaper. This machine would not cost more than a screen of 50 0 60 inches, as detailed by its developers.

The innovation of the Argentine machine has to do with the capacity of the extraction. It is a machine designed to facilitate home processes, but with precision on a large scale and for purposes of high volume extraction, something that apparently does not yet exist in the market.

The development of the machine although it has a probable use in the medicinal users of cannabis is a call to experimentation that is one of the badges with which the project seeks to have support for its possible commercialization in the future.

In the commercial part, the innovation could have uses in the production of cosmetics, essential oils, in addition could be used in the measurement of the quality of seeds of different type or in scientific investigations.

Source: Nectar.

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