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“At 89 years old, cannabis took my pain away, thanks to the plant I keep walking at marches”


Nora Cortiñas, is the founder of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, an Argentine association founded during the cruel dictatorship of José Videla who disappeared thousands of people, including his son.

Cortiñas has dedicated her life to find the guilty and do justice to the disappeared. More than 40 years have passed bill. Years of struggle, to raise your voice and demand justice in the streets. For this and more, Nora has become a reference not only for the disappeared during the dictatorship but also a Latin American reference of all the struggles for human rights.

Currently, he is 89 years old, and according to his account he uses cannabis for his pains that cause him to wear on his meniscus.

“Cannabis took my pain away, thanks to the plant I can keep walking in the marches,” he told Infobae.

According to him, a solidarity grower was the one who brought him an ointment in the first instance, thereafter he joins it every time he feels pain.

“When I have been with a lot of pain in the sciatic nerve I applied myself and after a few days the pain calmed down, I give faith, I used it confidently and it did me good”

Since then, he has taken the medicinal cannabis fight as one of which is worth sustaining as a human right to health. This has been seen in different national marches that take place in Argentina.

So much so, that a local collective has offered plants for them to have at home. He sees this activity with good eyes, although at present the authorities have started a kind of crusade against the growers who are patients or caregivers for other people.

According to Costiñas, it is about the influence that the pharmaceutical companies have so that they can not “reduce sales”.

“These are the first cannabis plants that I will have, I will take care of them, I want to know how they are done, how they take care of themselves, I will take care of them and then I will see what I can do. to make the oil, “he said.

Although he confesses not to have used the medicinal drops, he says he has no qualms about using them if he had a medical condition such that he has no remedy. For the moment, medicinal ointments do wonders to keep fighting in the streets for health and human rights.





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