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Autistic kid speaks again after 2 days of cannabis oil treatment

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At just 3 years old, Jonathan Valenzuela was diagnosed with autism. The disease remained, however, there came a time where things got worse.

“Every day was a challenge. Any kind of social activity, […] their attacks could last from 3 or 4 hours,” said his parents.

According to the testimony published by Cannabis Capitol, the child could not speak during his stay in the hospital since the disease caused him a rare unusual behavior in the child.

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The mother’s despair led her to try all kinds of alternatives until she reached one that would change their lives forever.

After two days of taking cannabis oil, the child could speak again. The emotion felt by his relatives is indiscriptible.

“Since he tried the medical cannabis treatment, it has been a world of difference in his quality of life,” confesses his mother Tavi.

After 1 year of trying everything, this treatment had given him lucidity and speech, something his parents never imagined.

“Before cannabis, Jr had communication difficulties. Two weeks later he could already formulate his own prayers,” says his mother in tears.

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