Brazil: Court authorizes 3 patients to plant cannabis in their homes

Brazilian patients seek access to cannabis to improve their conditions

The Supreme Court of Brazil authorized 3 patients the possibility of planting cannabis in their homes due to their medical condition.

Unanimously, 5 judges of the high court agreed that the 3 of them will have the legal capacity to grow and extract their oil that relieves their pain. Currently, there is no legislation for medical use or products derived from this plant.

Nor is it the case of home cultivation that faces great dangers to those who violate this rule.

“The discourse against this possibility is moralistic. It often has a religious nature, based on dogmas, on false truths, stigmas,” said Judge Rogério Schietti.

“Let’s stop this prejudice, this moralism that delays the development of this issue in the legislature, and often clouds the minds of Brazilian judges.”

As expected, President and former military officer Jair Bolsonaro said he did not agree on the use of cannabis for any use and less to grow at home. This politician faces the former president and leftist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva who, due to his political position, could have some openness on the issue.

This fact is positive since it seems to be a response to the protests in favor of the legalization of cannabis in that country at the beginning of June.


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