Canada: surprising number of patients are using cannabis to control pain symptoms

Cannabis Research Shows Increased Use of Cannabis for Chronic Pain in Canada

Research conducted in Quebec, Canada, showed that 30.1% of the 1344 participants who completed the survey in the “cannabis use” section said they used the plant for their chronic pain treatment.

The study sought to know how many people were using cannabis as a measure to counteract chronic pain (CP) in their illnesses through a cross-analysis of data in an online survey conducted in 2019 to 1935 adults living with CP.

The results were overwhelming in terms of the age range in which people use cannabis as a pain medicine: 36.6% of people aged 26 and under used it. On the other hand, only 8.8% of those over 74 considered it as an option.

In Canada, the medicinal use of cannabis has been legal since 2001, and recreational use since 2018. With this information collected, the researchers concluded that the percentage of people who are using cannabis as an incentive for pain is high, especially in the younger population.

“The high prevalence of use emphasizes the importance of better knowledge translation for people living with CP, rapidly generating evidence on the safety and efficacy of cannabis, and the involvement of physicians in supporting people using cannabis for pain management”. This was the conclusion of the Canadian Journal of Pain.

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