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Cannabimovone (CBM) beneficial cannabinoid for diabetes and eating disorders

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Cannabimovone (CBM) beneficial cannabinoid for diabetes and eating disorders

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Today on the radar of new cannabinoids we have cannabimovone  (CBM),  a cannabinoid that according to research is found in various cannabis genetics and that could be a revolutionary compound to analyze the way in which the human body behaves against externals or internal agents.

A new study published in MDPI earlier this year shows that CBM used in clinical trials has the potential to help many people with metabolic disorders, diabetes and eating problems.

CBM contains a known active agent derived from a genetic known as “Carmagnola”” which according to some experts could be the future of medical research with CBD.

An important discovery

According to the study, from a technical point of view, this CBM cannabinoid behaves similarly to CBD or THC. However, a new important focus of study has been found. According to this new research, it was shown that this cannabinoid adheres to important body receptors such as PPARα and PPAR,γ, vital in neuronal  functioning.

For those who do not family with these concepts, it has been shown that PPARα and PPARγ are responsible forthe ordering of our genetic material, as well as the creation of new key cells within our organisms.

These include the kidneys, colon, heart, and liver. These receptors are responsible for hormonal, metabolic regulation and are directly related to the carcinogenic prevention of certain cancers according to the scientific information available.

Researchers demonstrated by using the models in the lab that CBM has the potential to easily adhere to these receptors and partially activate them. Therefore, if the research continues it could be said that this cannabinoid would serve to treat diabetes or insulin resistance.

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