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Cannabis legalization: the only social justice left by the U.S. presidential election


Mississippi, New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, South Dakotaare on the list of the EastTwo of North America thatlegalized cannabis on November 3. Cannabis was the big winner of thiscontest.1 in 3 Americans now live in places where cannabis is legal.

Most of these places already have laws applicable to medicinal cannabis. Only, South Dakota would now be in the drafting of the regulations for both activities.

Home cultivation: Arizona,

Reverse cannabis-related convictions: New Jersey, Montana

Medicinal Use: Mississippi, Montana.

Shops or dispensaries: All.

Most of these laws will begin to be implemented for proper implementation in the coming months, or at the beginning of 2021.

Americans in favor of legalization

A new survey reflects that 68% of Americans believe cannabis should be legal. The survey published by Gallup shows a unique moment in 50 years. Since 1969 where there had been no such acceptance among the population. The same one that was published a month before the election, show a preference for young people to lean towards the liberation of this plant. While adults are more closed in this topic.

Approximately 80% of 18-19 young people support the cause versus 50% of 65 who agree.

Wave of legalization

In 2012, Colorado and Washington were the only states to historically legalize this plant. By 2020, there are 15 states that join.

This curve shows exponential growth in people’s cultural appropriation on this issue. The wave could turn into a global tsunami in the coming years.





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