Cannabis oil cures a child with cancer who had been given 2 days to live

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  • This story was reproduced in collaboration with #IllegalyHealed

When Landon Riddle was just two years old, a doctor diagnosed him with leukemia. So aggressive was it that the doctors thought that he would die in the first 24 or 48 hours.

It was her grandmother, Wendy, in the State of Utah who identified her swollen glands next to her neck. The doctors assumed that his body was fighting against some type of infection and decided to let him rest, under medical supervision.

Landon did not improve. Her grandmother Wendy, worried, called the doctor again who did a check on the infection along with two blood tests. Everything seemed fine. The child ate, slept and played normally. It was in the next two days that the family came to realize that the inflamed area had grown and then hastily, they moved to the hospital.

The tests reflected in his blood the presence of the cell known as T-cell All, which causes leukemia, cancer in the blood. Upon being diagnosed, she was immediately taken to a children’s hospital in Salt Lake City. Upon arrival, a medical delegation waited to provide attention.

His mother, Sierra Riddle, was in shock.

“They were not counting on him surviving,” says Riddle.

Lando’s mother had been absent during her diagnoses because of severe endometriosis since she was young. His diagnosis had worsened when Lando was born, and endometriosis became a hysterectomy. She lived in extreme pain that would lead her later to have problems with narcotics.

In Utah, prescriptions for medications like Oxycontin have been responsible for the death of people. Heroin has become a citizen epidemic.

“No one wants to talk about the high percentages of over-prescriptions of narcotics,” says Sierra.

Landon’s treatment was traumatic for the whole family. After his relationship with narcotics, his mother had to get the idea of ​​having to give him a heavy cocktail of incomprehensible medicines for a child his age.

“For him, it was a torture, he did not understand what was happening,” confesses his grandmother Wendy.

When the medical corps appeared, for the second time, to take him away, Lando ran terrified and scared to his grandmother and begging him to defend him so they would not take him away. A painful scene that Wendy shares in the testimonial video.

His strength recovered and Landon continued battling. The aggressive chemotherapy arrived and with it new crises that turned off the child’s spirit that seemed to die prematurely. The Facebook of both; mother and daughter, they were flooded with questions about something magical that could help them in moments of so much despair.

Some of his contacts told him about medicinal cannabis. However, his grandmother, seeing how close friends of his were fighting against narcotics, did not like the idea of ​​giving marijuana to his two-year-old grandson.

His vision was anti-cannabis, until two weeks later after personal investigations and having the clock against him, he found studies that support the use of cannabis for cancer.

They also realized that their son would not die and it was worth playing the chance. So they went to Colorado where cannabis is legal.

“I will never forget. We got in the car, we brought him to Colorado and in the first dose, an hour later, holding his body, he was completely reassured, “says Wendy,” I hugged him and cried with him. “

His smile returned

His treatment continued in conjunction with cannabis. Progressively, they discontinued the use of analgesics against pain. Chemotherapy followed, but no need for extra hospitalization, appointments, or narcotics.

“He got better, and he was still. There came a point where, knowing that it was illegal medicine in Utah, and knowing that it was saving his life, we decided to move and leave Utah behind, “confesses Sierra.

Today, three damages after this testimony came to light in 2015, Lando is in remission, being a healthy, energetic and happy child. Her mother also became a medical cannabis patient as an alternative to the opiates that the doctors were still recommending for her case.

Life continues as both patients struggle because this medicine is legal in their state, where they want to return and visit their family.


On December 3, 2018, a proposal for regulation of medicinal cannabis was approved. The governor signed the act that will take immediate effect.

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