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Cannabis smoking and COVID-19: Everything you need to know

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World Health Organization: Tobacco and waterpipes increase risk of COVID-19

We are in the middle of one of the most violent epidemiological crises in at least 100 years. COVID-19 popularly known as coronavirus is changing health and economic patterns globally.

If you’re a cannabis user, you’re probably worried and with a lot of questions. Do I have higher risks of contracting the virus if I am a consumer? What are the risks of smoking cannabis during the pandemic? Here’s what we know so far.

The World Health Organization issued a series of reports testing how tobacco smokers  are at high risk of  respiratory infections  and cardiovascular disease,  making them more susceptible to the virus.

“Information from China, where COVID-19 originated, shows that people with respiratory or cardiovascular diseases caused by tobacco have an increased risk of contracting the virus.” WHO points out.

However, so far some state agencies such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse are studying the potential effects of the virus on the use of illegal drugs, including cannabis.

“Scientific community warns about the association between COVID-19 and the risks of drug use, smoking and vaping related to lung diseases,” says NIDA.

Now, there is no specific data that can give us conclusions beyond our own logic and health authorities. Some doctors such as Dr. Stanton Glantz, professor and director of the Center for TobaccoControl, Research and Education (UCSF) say it is likely to be the same for cannabis smoking.

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Before the prevention discussion can become a debate in which there is specific information about cannabis or not. There may be a lack. Federal illegality and its impact on countries under United Nations guidelines could face an even more serious problem.

The truth is that, despite the lack of specific information, there is a medical “global agreement” that if it ensures that “all kinds of smoke can irritate the lungs”. From there, some health authorities say the best thing to do now is to personalized smoking during quarantine.

Some recommendations to consume during quarantine are:

  1. Avoid passing or sharing pipes, cigars, bongs or rigs.
  2. Consume in small doses: Less, is more.
  3. Vaporize flowers, depends on the device could be a safe option.
  4. Do not share oil cartridges.
  5. Change joints for oils and edibles.

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