CBD extracts show antibacterial activity against salmonella


A research group from Alabama State University decided to delve into the known properties of CBD. Although there is a lot of literature regarding the medicinal properties of hemp, little is said about the antibacterial properties it possesses.

It is for this reason that the microbiology and engineering programs in biomedecin, as well as the department of biological sciences; came together to analyze the reaction of Salmonella newingtonandSalmonella typhimurium bacteria to contact with CBD.

According to the results of the research “in these readings, we observed a single strong peak in retention time (RT) of 8.23 min in our sample. This is consistent with the expected RT of CBD at 8.22 min, as shown in the internal control sample. The absence of other peaks represents the absence of other compounds or contaminants. Overall, we concluded through GC analysis that our sample is pure CBD”.

In conclusion, the authors determined through plate assay testing, fluorescence microscopy, and kinetic studies that CBD molecules are an antibacterial agent against the bacteriaSalmonella newington and Salmonella typhimurium.

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