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CBD protects neurons cells from aging

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New study found that CBD has an anti-neuronal oxidation effect.  

Newly published on Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research this study points out that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabis compound, had a neuroprotective effect until now unknown to science.

The properties of CBD as a neuroprotective agent is of most interesting subjects to the scientific community. This group of researchers focused on the analyze of the neuroprotective capacity of this compound against oxidative peroxide stress and its toxicity profile in an in vitro test.  

After applying low doses of CBD, the neurons reflected a resistance against oxidation in the primary hippocampus of the brain.

“Although CBD has previously shown neuroprotective effects in this type of in vitro testing the use of low CBD concentrations caused neurons to be rescued against oxidative stress confirming their  neuroprotective capacity. “

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