Coca-Cola meditates to enter the business of the cannabis-infused drinks



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Can you imagine going to a supermarket, on a hot day, to go to the refrigerator and have a cannabis-infused Coca-Cola drink?

Maybe the day is closer than we think. This week the mega multinational based in Atlanta, announced that it is assessing the possibility of entering the international cannabis market.

The world’s largest beverage company said it was interested in making beverages with cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

Instead of producing intoxication, the drink could be used to treat pain and other ailments.

The information corroborated by MCN was released by a Coca-Cola spokesman, Ken Landers, in a statement via e-mail to Bloomberg News.

“We are looking closely at the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as a functional ingredient in healthy beverages around the world,” he said. He also added “Space is evolving rapidly. No decisions have been made so far. “

Landers confirmed that the company is currently in talks with Aurora Cannabis Inc, one of the three largest companies in Canada. As of October, the cannabis industry is legal in that country and aims to be one of the largest markets.

Earlier this year, beer giant Molson Coors Brewing announced that it would make cannabis-infused beverages with Hydropothecary. So did the producers of Corona, Constellation Brands, making an investment of $ 4 billion to the company Canopy Growth.

“Aurora has expressed an interest in the field of beverages, we want to enter that market,” said one of the sources cited by Bloomberg.

Although it seems that the CBD extracted from hemp does not have the same results as when extracted from cannabis flowers, the component has high therapeutic properties against discomfort.

If the negotiations came to fruition, a heavy producer of non-alcoholic beverages would enter the market. Aurora confirmed that there is nothing to announce yet.

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