Colombia and Uruguay ready to export medicinal cannabis to Germany

A group of 10 female patients with dementia and behavioral problems showed an improvement in their health after two months of administration of an oral cannabis extract.
April 30, 2019

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While other Latin American countries pursue medicinal cannabis, countries such as Uruguay and Colombia are ready for their first export of transatlantic medicine.

That was the news announced on Wednesday by both countries. It is the largest export of dried flowers and cannabis extract in history and would be carried out by the Uruguayan company Fotmer and the Colombian Clever Leaves.

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"This puts Uruguay on the world map of pharmaceutical cannabis. Today Germany represents the largest market in Europe and they have the highest quality standards in the world. " said the American in charge of Fotmer, Jordan Lewis.

According to the company's estimates, there are currently at least 700,000 people in Germany who use cannabis products.

For its part, Clever Leaves said in a statement the intention of Colombia to be one of the leading markets internationally.

"Export shows that the Colombian market can reach international standards and produce high quality medicinal cannabis."

Both Clever Leaves and Fotmer are big employers in their countries. The first employs more than 300 people who have the task of controlling production and standards and the second, employs 80 and in the harvest period another 100. This without the investment of equipment and technology in those countries .

Both countries are pioneers in Latin America. Since 2013 it has been discussed and regulated on the subject that promises to be a market of billions globally.

This post is also available in: Español

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