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Colombia authorizes the export of cannabis flowers for medicinal use

Colombia to export medical-grade cannabis flower thanks to presidential decree


The multinational company Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. received authorization from the Colombian government to export the dried flower of medical cannabis.

This approval came via executive decree, which was signed when former President Iván Duque was still in office, who pointed out the importance that this step represents for the country.

“This new decree represents an important milestone for Colombia, as it allows us to compete in international markets. Moreover, the decree raises the standards of our products and adds significant value, particularly in the medical sector. Clever Leaves serves as a reference point for the Colombian cannabis sector, generating 17 jobs per hectare in its cultivation facilities,” said the former president.

The market segment required by the flower corresponds to approximately 50% of the world market in terms of medical cannabis. In addition, Clever is the only company in Latin America that has the EU-GMP (European Union Good Manufacture Process)  certification.

“Clever Leaves is well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity to export dried cannabis flower, leveraging its 1.8 million square foot, CUMCS GACP-certified cultivation facility, its EUGMP Part II certification covering dried flower production, and its more than 30 cannabinoid genetics registered in the country. Colombia’s environmental conditions, coupled with Clever Leaves’ expertise in sustainable cannabis cultivation, will allow the company to bring unique pharmaceutical-grade products to market,” said an official statement on the Clever Leaves website.

This news has been very well received by the different actors in this productive chain, because as Duque pointed out, 272 direct jobs are generated in this development.





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