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Company produces the first hemp-based vegetable meat cake

A company in New Zealand has just produced the world's first hemp-based cake.


In a world where awareness of the risks of meat consumption is beginning to become increasingly serious, some companies are trying to innovate for the future. This is the case of Craft Meat Co, a company that develops different soy alternatives for burgers or sausages.

In this research, the company teamed up with medical cannabis suppliers to make available to the public a type of non-animal, hemp-based meat cake. This project also includes the Riddet Institute of Massey University.

The impact on the environmental footprint of this type of plant-based meat is considerably less, but its protein load will be more than the equivalent of animal meat, according to the founder of the sustainable food’s developer, Kryan Rei. The big difference between the two is their fibrous content.

“All our products use hemp which is considered one of the most complete nutritional sources in the world, with a significant increase in protein content,” Rei says.

The developers say it will be in 2021 when this new type of meat will be available.





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