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Costa Rican exminister supports the export of cannabis to the US

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The former security minister, Fernando Berrocal, considers that “it is nonsense to go to Talamanca to cut and burn cannabis plants.”

Those were statements he gave this Sunday to a newspaper of national circulation.

“We should legalize marijuana and export it to the United States where in half of the states it is legal for consumption or for medicine, we would do good to our Lemon people who need help.”

Berrocal also considers that it is time to take a turn in the policy against this illegal plant due to the large costs generated by the country

“We must change the policy of this drug, we cannot continue to displace resources for that activity and we would say to engage in cocaine and synthetic drugs where drug traffickers took out the country of transit and for the storage,” he emphasized.

According to the former minister, it is necessary that Costa Ricans go to the United States and learn the necessary knowledge for the legalization of commercial crops.

One of the reasons why Berrocal has made these claims lies in the fact that never before in the history of Costa Rica, the hitman problem had the current rates and since it occupied the offices of the ministry, things have worsened.

Endlessly, agents of the Drug Control Police (PCD) operate in the mountains of Talamanca or the South Zone. However, although this generates high costs to the country in logistics, transportation and work, the efforts are in vain.

Likewise, the real current problem lies in the transfer and problems of violence related to cocaine trafficking.

According to anti-drug agents, Costa Ricans have intruded along with Mexican cartels who teach different methods of firing weapons and managing markets that are invaded by lively criminal groups.

These groups are even more violent than Colombian drug trafficking groups, says Berrocal.

This is the first time that a former minister supports the commercialization of cannabis in Costa Rica.

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