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Denver decriminalizes the use of “magic” fungi

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In a tight referendum vote, the city of Denver, Colorado decriminalized this May 8, the use and possession of psilocybin mushrooms.

It was in this city that the legalization of cannabis was born at the North American level 14 years ago. However, this initiative does not enable the production, distribution or sale of mushrooms, nor does it encourage use.

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“We have ensured that individuals in Denver are not criminalized for using mushrooms that we know are not addictive, that have positive effects and high therapeutic promise,” says Decriminalize Denver spokesman Kevin Matthews.

Behind the initiative was Decriminalize Denver who received support from different groups such as the Green Party, the Colorado Liberal Party.

It has taken 20 hours for the count that won by the minimum. The results published this Wednesday afternoon show a result of 50.56% against 49.44%. Only a difference of 2000 votes.

For some years now, controlled and prohibited substances such as fungi, ecstasy and DMT have begun to be studied by scientists as new forms of treatment for depression and mental health.

Denver decriminalizes the use of “magic” fungi

The issue will recognize and protect the people who are already using it and their right to information, say the proponents of the initiative. The initiative does not contemplate the use, distribution or seeks to promote the use as was done in Denver with medical and recreational cannabis.

“It has helped me with my depression and mental health. Psychedelics have been here and it has always been used in tea, eating it, in food and in its dry version, “says Melany Rosdgers who says it is a quality of life issue.

The approved text prevents the police from persecuting users. According to Matthews, they will seek that the authorities have greater knowledge to face the issue and the correct dissemination of information.

“If you see today, we have a big mental health problem that is being cured with pills. We have to talk about the subject. This is something that brings relief and we have the right to personal consumption. “

Photos by Reilly Capps

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