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Deputy proposes law to criminalize cannabis use in public and private places


While important commercial partners for the country, such as the United States and Canada, legalize the medicinal and recreational use of this plant, a Costa Rican deputy wants us to return to 1960.

This week the deputy Erick Rodríguez has proposed a bill that would charge 40 thousand colones to cannabis consumers.

The independent deputy Erick Rodríguez Steller presented a bill to criminalize cannabis use in public places and certain private places.

The bill is called “Law on the Control of Smoke from Cannabis Sativa and its harmful effects on health“, as recorded in file 21.597.

“Second-hand smoke from Cannabis Sativa is harmful and toxic, just like secondhand smoke from tobacco, both are harmful to the heart and blood vessels; in the case of Cannabis Sativa, second-hand smoke produces intoxication, “says the text.

What are the poisoning data used to base the writing of a law on this assumption?

We invite Deputy Rodriguez to send us the information.

According to the file, which MCN has a copy, the Public Force would stop dealing with assaults, robberies, rapes and violent crimes to fine people who consume in the streets in more than 50 places mentioned in the bill.

In the United States more than 50 estates have legalize the medical or recreational use of cannabis. 

The Bill follows has thé same style as the Castro cuban dictatorship and if approved, would imposed fines of 30% of the base salary, as well as, to public officials who disrespect this law. They would be charged 45% of their base salary.

If someone is discovered smoking or vaping, they will be penalized. However, it seems that on this matter, the deputy lacked advice since this case was already scrambled in 2012 when the courts ordered the Public Force not to prosecute drug users and the Psychotropic Law 8204 was amended accordingly so that Consumption is seen as a health problem.

The deputy seeks to criminalize consumers by putting the Trojan horse that the smoke is harmful, however, there is no scientific evidence that it is so.

Readers opinion:

“The deputy overlaps his personal prejudices and wants instead to criminalize those who consume,” Ligia Martínez, a medical cannabis patient.

“This is worthy of a dictator. Impose your vision to Costa Ricans at will. ” José Alvarado, neighbor of Desamparados.

“This deputy in what world do you live? The cannabis plant has medicinal benefits even smoked, as we have seen national professors of the University of Costa Rica say in pharmacy, ”Marcio Alfaro, a pharmacy student.

Read the full text here:





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