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MCN Editorial

Pharmaceutical companies lose billions annually in sales due to cannabis legalization

Since its legalization in the United States, cannabis has taken billions from pharmaceutical companies

Everything you need to know about hemp regulations in Costa Rica

All the details of costa Rica’s new industrial and food hemp regulation

The big losers of cannabis legalization in Africa

Cannabis is already legal in at least 10 countries in Africa, but most of the population has been excluded from the industry

PAC and their lie of supporting cannabis legalization

PAC “progressists” present themselves like cannabis supporters, but during their government the persecution of activists increased dramatically.

The high environmental cost of indoor cannabis

Reports show that the cannabis industry consumes energy like no other industry in the United States.

5 Sustainable Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the globe the climate crisis is becoming more felt and visible.

5 genetics that changed the history of cannabis in Costa Rica

Some of the most popular varieties in Costa Rica, according to our readers

Mario Cerdas vs. the Prosecutor’s Office: Persecution or justice?

This lawyer demonstrated that the State cannot limit nature.

Reflections on media, inspired by COV-19 global pandemic

At what point does the abundance of information detriment the pertinence of information?

Editorial: Coronavirus reminds us once again that farming is more than essential

Cannabis should be an “essential service” all over the world.

Hard with the weakest: Criminalization of the “micro-trafficking” of cannabis in Costa Rica

This is a reality that we live in Costa Rica thanks to Law 8204 , which has imprisoned about 3000 people in most cases by “micro-trafficking”.

Ministry of Health in front of a historical opportunity: To Lead the National Dialogue on Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis is Health and Wellness!