Editorial: Coronavirus reminds us once again that farming is more than essential

Cannabis should be an "essential service" all over the world.
April 10, 2020

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While we are encapsulated within the biggest global public health crisis of our lives, COVID-19, the new pandemic virus already known by all as the coronavirus will change our lives forever.

Just a few weeks ago, things were the way we knew them. But from one moment to the other, the pandemic changed the way we socialize, work, move and in general, and our understanding of things in this illusory world.

During quarantine, some U.S. cities have declared cannabis dispensaries "essential services." Essential services describe those everyday  activities  that  cannot be paralyzed or even during a health alert like this.

U.S. authorities have done well to recognize the role that cannabinoids play in the health of millions of people. But this also made us think about an important matter.

It is that unfortunately, this is not the case millions of other people who do not have legal access to this plant in most countries where the virus is affecting and taking away lives. This premise is problematic from any angle you look at.

First, the lack of therapeutic options to deal with such a health crisis underscores the need to legalize the research and production of plant-based medicines or nutritional supplements or therapeutic capabilities recognized by society and the researchers.  

 France's Health Ministrer, Oliver Véran warned in mid-March that "anti-inflammatory drugs" could “worsen the health conditions of those affected by this infection”.

Formulations based on natural active compounds with anti-inflammatory capacity and high production standards are need it to help the people.

Secondly, it is regrettable that cannabis is not a legally accessible medicine in most countries where contagion exists. Especially, in the most affected countries or wherever place a human is in need.  

Quarantine and shutdowns mean that thousands of patients have been left in the shadow in any way or another within illegal markets until further notice. This premise, however controversial, means the detriment to the greatest of the goods we have meaning health.

The sicker the people are, the harder for a nation’s economy.

COVID-19 surprises the cannabis industry during an important moment in its development for humanity. Citizens of each country where there’s not law protecting their health, now is time to be ready to defend the most precious right: to grow your own.

It will be thanks of this gift that we will make it through.  As long as the sun exists, the water and night a plant will have life and there will be a light.

This post is also available in: Español

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