Emerald Cup (In Photos): The face of legal cannabis in California

CANNACRAFT Market | The Emerald Cup 2018 Take us back to last weekend and the […]
December 31, 2018

CANNACRAFT Market | The Emerald Cup 2018

Take us back to last weekend and the #CannaCraft market! 😭😭. #TheEmeraldCup #Cannabis #WeLiveThis

Posted by The Emerald Cup on Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sonoma County. AC. In the midst of the commercial glamor displayed by the growing American cannabis industry, it is important to keep the true roots of the movement in mind.

Before the millions of dollars in the legal industry, are the California growers developed the art of growing cannabis to be one of the products with the highest commercial value at present.

For many, California has the best cannabis in the world and what happens in these farms is replicated in the remotest corners of the world and this is not a hyperbole. This is the spirit of the Emerald Cup.

In Santa Rosa, California, the fifteenth occasion of the famous Emerald Cup, aka - known as - the Cannabis Academy Awards is no longer the small gathering of growers looking to make a living, now is the new face of the legal era which attracts celebrities such as Willie Nelson and Kevin Smith.

The majority of cannabis events do not allow consuming and products are rarely sold. The Emerald Cup intelligently integrated sales, information booths, music and talks that attendees could visit in different parts of the venue.

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This year's event had the distinction of being held for the first time in the context of the legalization of the adult market in California. Many companies received this year the approval of legal sales, while others have had to close their doors due to the harsh regulatory laws imposed by the state.

"Compared to the previous year, I would say that 80% of brands are not here. It's a big difference, "explains Kevin, who is now one of the owners of the Revive Pure Life a medical chocolate brand in Nevada City, this time he visits as another assistant.

"My brand started like this, we started coming to the Cup. The next year, I made my first Ital Extracts brand and business cards."

But legality carries a new face. During the two days of the event, the Emerald Cup hosted more than 27,000 people and 250 vendors. The difference: everything is legal and the police do not seem to bother. The war against cannabis in California ended and now the industry exposes its great potential.

"This is one of the most important achievements of this year. We agreed with the local authorities was one of the most difficult challenges, "says Tim Blake, one of the organizers of the cup.

"There was a more relaxed atmosphere. No one was tense in case the police arrived. The stress was much less this year, "says Jacob Carlson, another owner of Revive Pure Life interviewed by MCN.

Next, we present the winners of the Emerald Cup 2018:

Licensed Sun-Grown

Ridgeline Farms – Green Lantern

Rebel Grown– Double OG Chem #15

Tar Hill – Cherimoya

Licensed Mixed Light

Tar Hill – Pink Lemonade

Josh D. – OG Kush Story

DEVI – Peanut Butter Breath

Personal Sun-Grown

JD Lee – Chili Verde

Paula Hudgins – Wedding Cake

Cory Rodgers – Cherry Punch 15


Utopia – Raspberry Macarons

SolDaze – Tropical Mango Bites

Budlette Confections – Mellows Black Sesame


Alchemy Jane – Create THC Tincture

OM Edibles – Nighttime Elixer

Humboldt Apothecary – Love Potion No. 7


Newell’s Botanicals – Deep Skin Penetrating Roll-on

OM – Lavender Bath Salts

CAD – Mimosa


Herer Group – The Original Jack Herer

Gold Drop/Lemon Tree/Blue River – Lemon Tree

Gold Drop/Bon Vivant/Blue River – Blueberry Muffin


Peak – Huckleberry Zkittlez Amber

WildSeed – Candyland

Big Sur Extracts – Cloud Drop


The Humboldt Cure – The Humboldt Cure Blend Diamonds

WildSeed, LLC – White Recluse Diamonds

NUG – White Buffalo OG Live Resin Diamonds

Live Resin Carts

Fieldz Extracts – Zkittlez Sauce Pen

Friendly Farms – Forbidden Fruit

Fiddler’s Green – Rogue OG Kush


GDP Genetics – Super Glue

Fieldz – Zkittles Premium Rosin

Field Extracts – Papaya Premium Rosin


Humboldt Terp Council – Zkittlez Cake

Raw Garden – Zookies

Summit Boys – Sundae Driver

Shatter Batter

Suprize Suprize – Cherry Tangerine

Suprize Suprize – Royal Kush BX1 “Badder”

Suprize Suprize – Holy Nana Crack Batter


Frosty – Papaya 120u

Tar Hill and Frosty – Tar Hill Pink Lemonade

Papa’s Select, in collaboration with Select Solventless grown by Emerald Queen Farms – GMO 1st Pull 120u Water Hash

CBDs Co2/Distillate

Gold Drop – Lemon Penny

CBD Edibles

Somatik – Goji Berry

OM Edibles – CBD Gummi Melange

Space Gems – VITA Gems

CBD Tinctures

Humboldt Apothecary – Relax

Fiddler’s Green – ACDC Rogue Tincture

Humboldt Harvest – 13:1 CBD Terpene Rich

CBD Topical

Om Edibles – Rose Geranium Bath Salt

CBD Flower

Molecular Farms – Blueberry Banana Bread

Molecular Farms – Dr. Fizz

Molecular Farms – Garlic Jam

CBD Concentrate

Sublime – Sleep

Sublime – High-C


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🇮🇱: Los representantes del Ministerio de Salud llevaron a cabo una reforma que excluye por primera vez desde 1973, a los productos a base de #CBD de la lista de Sustancias Psicotrópicas Ilegales.
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