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Ethical committee of the League against cancer pronounces itself in favor of therapeutic cannabis



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  • The French ethical committee stated that the inability of people with cancer to access medical cannabis is not justifiable on an ethical level.

In a press release the French body for the fight against cancer advocates an ethical approach to the issue of access to these types of therapies.

The pronouncement came after a 27-year-old girl diagnosed with cancer resorted “secretly” to using medical cannabis that recommended a close one.

Her story tells that after being treated with all kinds of heavy treatments, she faces daily chronic pains that the medical team could not cope with, after which she was given various analgesics and opiates.

Before this panorama, an acquaintance of the young woman suggested him to resort to cannabis in its different forms of consumption. This last observation brought relaxation and relief to their different conditions. Such as improvement in your appetite, induction of sleep and said by your neighbors, a better quality of life.

“However, the illicit nature of this consumption exposes sick people willing to seek various risks, including the judicial, for a use that allows them to improve their quality of life,” says the committee.

With this case, the committee faces a particular question: the inability of people with cancer to be treated with cancer to improve their quality of life can not be ethically justified.

Data: The Ethics and Cancer Committee is an independent consultative body created by the League Against Cancer Association. It is composed of a panel of experts who can deal with “any question of ethical order in relation to cancer pathology.

“The ethical committee and cancer proposed to examine, restricting its analysis in the medical context: an interest in the use of cannabis to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life, and the risks related to this type of consumption in the current context”, announces the statement.

Current context

Although France is one of the countries with the highest consumption rates in Europe, the country has one of the most repressive policies regarding the consumption of the entire continent.

Access to cannabis-based drugs such as Sativex, Dronabinol and Marinol, which in theory are legal to use, have been stopped because of a disagreement in prices between the pharmaceutical and the health system.
When carrying out the corresponding studies, the Committee reviewed a complete report of the National Academy of Sciences, engineers and doctors published in 2017 in the United States where the effects of health with the use of cannabis were analyzed.

“Specifically in cancer, the study indicates that there is conclusive or substantial evidence that cannabinoids are effective for the treatment of chronic pain in adults and as an antiemetic for the treatment of nausea in chemotherapy.”

The committee recommended establishing a specific regulatory framework for therapeutic use and recommended some non-smoked or mixed with tobacco forms as the most favorable. Likewise, it undertakes to provide a preliminary report at the end of the year in order to define a legal framework that can be used to regulate access.

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