Europe: Cannabis and hashish prices are rising due to coronavirus

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The coronavirus has been more successful in mitigating illegal drug trafficking than 100 years of prohibition. According to the 2019 report of the National Drug Plan, at least 1 in 10 Spaniards consume cannabis or its derivatives at least once a month. However, the country’s difficult situation has led to a rise in the price of cannabis and hashish.

Different sources report on the shortage during the crisis. “Most of the clubs are closed due to the state of alarm. Luckily, I found cannabis and CBD for my mom who has arthritis”, tells MCN Mariela Cruz, from Barcelona. “It cost me twice as much.

Lack of produce affects the entire distribution chain.

The curfew, the impossibility of mobilization at night and the contagion in general has paralyzed drug dealers in all of Spain, France and possibly all of Europe for the first time in decades.

If a gram of hashish cost at least 5 euros in regular times, today it costs between 10 and 15. This is the reality also in France. Sources consulted by MCN assure that the situation is very similar. In Bordeaux, the gram of hashish is around 13 euros today, which is considered expensive compared to regular prices.

“The situation in France in general is very hard. Many dead, people take everything from supermarkets and has not wanted to fully comply with the rules imposed by the government, “said Louis Bourek. “Although there is hashish, people buy in large quantities to be supplied.”

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