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Extracts or edibles: the safest way to consume cannabis during the COVID-19 era

Health experts consider it’s wise to personalize cannabis smokes during this time


Health experts consider it’s wise to personalize cannabis smokes during this time

The Covid-19 has impacted the least expected ways of the global daily life. Cannabis is one of the most consumed substances in the world and consumers want to know what to do with their cannabis consumption. So here we go!

The World Health Organization has said that “tobacco smokers may have higher risks if they contract thevirus.” This has also been pointed out by the Chinese Medical Journal who stated that  that conditions can be 14 times more risky for those suffering from respiratory diseases.

Should smokers of cannabis take these precautions? Yes, probably. Luckily, there are other consumption methods for cannabis aficionado. (If you’re interested in more information about cannabis smoking and COVID-19, you can click here for more.)


Edibles are an option to prevent respiratory infections and with it, we take certain precautions before the pandemic. Cannabis can be easily included in meals. Whether in tinctures, olive oil or butter, this option may be the most wise at the moment.

There are many ways to cook with cannabis, in this video we show you one of the easiest and easiest ways: #Stayhome.


Tinctures or oils with cannabinoids are an effective form of prolonged medication. These liquids are commonly consumed orally or sublingually, however, they could also be added to smoothies or salads. For people who already use these products as part of their medication, it is advisable not to share the pipette to avoid all kinds of contamination.


Vaping is a form of non-smoking consumption, however, there is still a type of inhalation in the lungs in this method. Unfortunately, there is still no evidence of  whether the risks of vaping would be similar to those of smoking. Some experts recommend staying away from it.

If you live in a place where cannabis is illegal,  the risk of oil “cartridges” may increase due to the current problems these products face with respect to their contamination with pesticides and other substances that can have serious effects on the respiratory system. Therefore, the recommendation would be to refrain from this use and validate other methods such as edibles or tinctures.

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