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First medical cannabis clinic just opened in Colombia

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Manizales, one of the Colombian county’s, just opened the first trained clinic to give patients the first cannabis-controlled formulas in the country. It is the first formula for pain developed by a Colombian laboratory certified by Invima.

Former Health Minister Iván Gonzáles signed a resolution that streamlines the investigation of the products to provide assistance to those who are affected by the coronavirus. However, these treatments do not fall into the category of “medications” according to local regulation.

Rather, they are masterful formulas developed for each specific patient. The difference is that each product has health and quality certificates as Good Manufacturing Practices (BPE) and, in addition, it was made with legal raw materials.

“Before people like do not have legal access to people who would resort to artisanal preparations that would not be trained or endorsed. Other people would only access them if they had part of investigations. Now, those who need this type of medicine can safely access a treatment that is prescribed and follow up with a doctor, ” said Estefanía Sánchez, commercial director of Kannab, an office enabled to provide these treatments.

“This is a very big door that makes it a product that is not part of alternative medicine, but of the science of cannabis. Clearly you cannot go to a normal drugstore and buy. The formulas are delivered in pharmacies authorized to dispense control medications and with the express order of a doctor explaining the dose. There is a long process to go before they are considered drugs and have Invima approval, ”said Estefanía Sánchez, director of the Kannab clinic.

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