First medicinal cannabis dispensary opens in South Africa

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The site known as the Relief Holistic Wellness and Pain Management Center will be responsible for receiving patients with different medical conditions who wish to experiment with treatments based on cannabidiol (CBD) whose category was reclassified by the Control Board of Medicine.

Despite the fact that recreational use remains illegal, the city of the famous Durban Poison genetics resists and wants to rectify the stigma.

“Breaking the stigma, showing that cannabis can be used effectively for numerous conditions and integrating medical professionals as well as traditional healers that all of South Africa has a holistic approach to health,” said Kirithi Thave, activist and director of the dispensary in an interview for Al Jazeera.

This first step step for the regulation arises after two important facts. The first occurred in March when the Supreme Court of Cape Town considered unconstitutional the private use of cannabis that since 1920 remains illegal for racial and political reasons prevailing in countries colonized since 1800.

The second, consisted of a meeting in previous September of the Cannabis Development Council held in Cato Ridge. This hosted all groups of the movement to think of a way to regulate the industry of their country.

The Supreme Court order suspended the ban for 24 months while the country begins and decides on its regulatory model. In the interim, the dispensary will be responsible for providing a safe therapeutic alternative to the community.

In addition to South Africa, Lesotho and Zimbabwe have been the first countries in Africa to legalize the use, consumption and distribution of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

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