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Foundation created for the development of medical cannabis in Costa Rica


A foundation formally registered at the State Office wants to help promote the research, development and legal production of natural medicines, including: medical cannabis.

It’s name is Sulára Foundation whose mission is to promote social education on this subject. According to the founders, the idea comes from the need for information from different sectors of society.

“The people and the government of Costa Rica need information and need an informed government, only then can we proceed in the welfare of our country in multiple sectors,” says one of the founders Marco Montealegre.

Among its main objectives is the regulatory impulse or regulations for the establishment of specialized laboratories.

“We seek to promote a regulation that establishes the technical and regulatory requirements that need to be met to grant the establishment of a laboratory for these purposes, since there is a material impossibility at the institutional level, which is the absence of regulations in such sense to solve the issue of its regulation,” says the press report.

Among its members are health professionals, athletes and photographers.

Currently, operated on the momentum of the movement through a Federation of Associations, among them: GuanaGrow, FundaCanna, Fucannamedcr, Tokus Club Association and Vida Verde Association.





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