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France produces first wine with CBD

The famous Bordeaux region will start producing wines with CBD


France, a country known for the quality of its wine, will begin producing wines infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule of the cannabis plant.

These types of cannabinoid-infused beverages are one of the big 2022 trends in the cannabis industry globally. Either for its ease of consumption and being CBD considered an antioxidant can also be of great benefit.

In this case it will be considered a “fun wine of entry”.

“To the classic effects of alcohol is added a relaxing effect,” explains Raphaël De Pablo, director of the initiative of the company Burdi W, says it is the first to develop this type of products.

In France the culture of hemp has been developed for a long time and today despite the different legal tensions, winemakers could begin to take advantage of it. In this way different infused wines would be created maintaining their “terroir“, or the value of the land where it is produced.

The first product on sale is a concentration of 25 milligrams based on local grapes “petit verdot”. Each bottle is available at 34 euros, and they have sold considerably wellbeing such a novel product.

Now its competition is the infusion wine of California whose over-the-counter prices in France remain high.

According to a report by consulting firm Prohibition Partners, the beverage market could reach a value of $5.8 billion by 2024.





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