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Ghana legalizes medical and industrial cannabis

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Ghana is the latest country in Africa to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis and its cultivation for industrial purposes.

The parliament’s narcotics control commission passed last Friday a bill that would give the National Narcotics Control Office (NACO) the control of this new legal activity.

This includes the distribution of licenses and authorized hemp varieties, as well as supervision of the strains which will contain up to 0.3% THC.

With this new regulation the consumption of cannabis is to be treated as a health problem. Although, according to the lawmakers, they’re not legalizing the recreational uses.

“What was approved was different cannabis strains which are totally different from those used for recreational purposes. They will only have up to 0.3 THC percentage. This does not give a license to smoke freely. ” Kubungu MP Ras Mubarak said during the vote in parliament.

On an interview Ras Mubarak said that this is a “opportuny for our farmers to make money”, nevertheless, each company or grower would need cultivation and posession licenced, otherwise, will be heavily penalized.

“As a country we must follow science and numbers, for the good of the country,” said Mubarak.

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