Harvard University: "Cannabis eliminates completely pancreatic cancer"

This post is also available in: EspañolThe scientists of the Dana Farber Institute whose mission […]
September 17, 2019

This post is also available in: Español

The scientists of the Dana Farber Institute whose mission is to study cancer at Harvard University managed to completely eliminate malignant tumors in rats with pancreatic cancer thanks to a cannabis extract.

Pancreatic cancer is today one of the deadliest that exists and has a life expectancy of 5 years in just 9% of the population.

This has been the conclusion of the researchers who have just published the result in the Frontiers of Oncology.

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In it, the researchers tested the effects of flavonoids, a compound derived from cannabis, on pancreatic cancer cells in mice.

The result surprised the researchers.

"We hope it will show some inhibition of tumor growth, but it was not surprising that it also inhibited tumor progression in other parts of the body. We really had to perform some additional measurements to see if this was really true," said lead researcher Dr. Wilfred Ngwa.

The researchers' biggest surprise was that the research exceeded traditional radiotherapy. The team now investigates whether by 2020 the treatment could be tested in humans.

This is not the first time that flavonoids are considered highly effective for therapeutic treatments. Only a few weeks ago we announced the news that a similar compound can be up to 3 times more effective than regular aspirin.

Flavonoids are compounds that are practically in all plants, fruits and vegetables since they are the ones who give color to them.

"Cannabinoids lead cancer cells to apoptosis," say research at the Complutense University of Madrid.

It is already known and in some ways quite popular that cannabinoids can treat the side effects of therapies such as radiation cancer and chemotherapy.

There are multiple testimonies in which people claim to have reduced or even annihilated their cancer tumors using highly aggressive cannabinoid treatments.

On this matter, Harvard researchers have said that research shows that sometimes consumption works and sometimes it does not.

"The plant with which we are perhaps investigating in Boston may be very different from the one being investigated in California," says Wilfred Ngwa.

The novelty of this research is to know about the administration of cannabis-derived flavonoids and their relationship directly with cell and metastatic destruction.

In addition, this finding could translate into an increase in the life expectancy of this type of patients since pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed in advanced stages and it seems that with this type of cannabis flavonoid approach they could be destroyed. These cancer cells.

"If it translates into clinical success, this will have a major impact on the treatment of pancreatic cancer," the researcher concluded.

Read the full investigation: http://bit.ly/2mex3Fg

This post is also available in: Español

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