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Hemp is positioned as the alternative to concrete in Costa Rica

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For many it may seem incredible, but in Costa Rica it’s already building with hemp. Specifically, a variety known as hemp or in English “hemp”.

This knowledge resurfaces from the ashes of the fiber construction to be placed as an ecological option before concrete, cement and conventional concrete houses.

From hemp you can get a variety of materials from paper, clothing, food and, highlights, its capacity as a construction material. From Israel to France (the latter is the largest hemp grower in the European Union), passing through the United States, the material has gained strength within a profile of owners seeking healthy building and living styles with bioclimatic conditions.

The world rediscovered hemp in 1980, since then it is a viable option for construction in places where this crop has been legalized.

The Costa Rican company Zegreenlab has been given the task of introducing this knowledge to the country. 5 years later, they have officially opened the first house completely built with hemp in Flamingo, Guanacaste.

Regarding the topic, we talked with Ashley Javogue, the hemp project coordinator with hemp of the company.

The construction with hemp has been around for a while. What has this house different from the others?

We did the project to have something concrete about how to build with hemp in Costa Rica, using the lime we obtained here and the methods of construction; roofs in zinc, the slab. We integrated a Costa Rican construction method with the walls less thick than hemp houses in Europe.

Hemp is positioned as the alternative to concrete in Costa Rica

With this house we wanted to make a prototype model house. That people can see touch and have a much more concrete experience.

And how about the result?

Super happy with the result. Because it is true that the interior environment is fresh and healthy then the theory is verified. It is a technique not very difficult to use. We spent the rainy season and nothing happened. We learned a lot about the finishes of the frames that will save us time.

The finishes give the appearance in which you can not see such a rustic house. It is modern, but also rustic with well-drawn lines. “Pleasantly surprised“, which gives me more confidence.

It seems a material that may interest the country to further promote the “green revolution”.

Yes. Recently, we were at The Construction Expo in Liberia, people kept coming to ask. I think we’re all looking for really green options for construction and I think it can touch everyone.

The material is very attractive for everyone. Touch everyone as different. Those who like cannabis, of course, because it is the plant. Those who know about construction remember adobe and see a revised and improved technology.

What is the current construction trend in Guanacaste?

Most houses have an american style. They are heavy, they do not take much the methods of durable construction in the tropics, however, I believe that people are raising awareness of other options, which do exist and it is a matter of disseminating, educating and attracting specialists that do exist in the country.

Hemp is positioned as the alternative to concrete in Costa Rica

The people who build here must have access to this “know how”, we hope that the next constructions can use this means of durable construction in the tropics.

What’s next for Zegreenlab in 2019?

This is officially, the first house built, we had previously done workshops, in Guanacaste and in the Technological of Costa Rica (TEC) with which we have developed an agreement.

For 2019, we premiered a “Hemp Factory”. Our desire is that it could be a “hub” of ecological products that attract architects working with tropical architecture, solar roofs, water treatment, and so on.

There will be a showroom and the cellar. It is a town called Lorena, Porte Golpe, Huacas. We are taking steps to expand production so that it reaches a wider audience.

Our dream is to cover everything. Let the hemp be the catalyst for other things. But the people who arrive there are people who support green construction.

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Así se construye la primera casa con cáñamo en Costa Rica

Así se construye la primera casa con cáñamo en Costa Rica. Comparta este vídeo:

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