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Exclusive: Vice Minister of Agriculture discusses hemp and cannabis regulations in Costa Rica

The Vice Minister of Agriculture excluisive interview with MCN about hemp and medical cannabis:

Vamos cáñamo congress brings producers and cooperatives close to the hemp industry

Hemp Congress in Costa Rica attracted farmers interested in producing hemp

Hemp could create batteries three times stronger than lithium batteries

Researchers believe cars and power tools can take advantage of hemp batteries

USDA releases new guidelines for hemp cultivation

Measure defines up to 0.3% as THC levels

Controversy over governmental “hemp crop” in Costa Rica

Measure defines up to 0.3% THC levels of crops

Procomer study shows potential for CBD and hemp products in Costa Rica

Industrial hemp has been chosen for its great export capacity.

The first Uruguayan legal hemp exportation arrives in Switzerland

This is the first time an Uruguayan company exports hemp in history

Research: hemp oil-CBD improves cholesterol levels

A new study shows that consuming hemp oil could have a positive impact on cholesterol levels.

Cane, hemp, coconut and linen: the new plastic substitutes

Vegetable-based fibers are meant to replace plastic

4 things you didn’t know about hemp construction

Hempcrete is completely fire resistant, according to United States ATSM

Hemp could prevent massive death of bees

Current air and soil pollution prevents bees, the most important pollinator for agriculture, from finding pollen in flowers.