Hempcrete is completely fire resistant, according to United States ATSM


The hempcrete scored the best punctuation on fire resistance tests requested by the  American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM).

The news was released by Hempitecture, a construction company that works on hemp fiber in construction projects. In the samples delivered to ATSM, it was concluded that hemp’s ability to resist fire has a perfect score according to the standards of the international organization.

“To clarify, the flame spread index and the smoke index developed are two scales used to measure the amount of flame spread and the amount of smoke that is generated. It’s a scale from 0 to 450. Hempcrete got 0, the highest possible rating. ”, the company wrote on its website.



The positive result of the performance of this material could help lawmakers in the United States and the world put the material one step closer to being accepted for construction in all areas.

In its statement, the company urged other producers to include these results in their projects with the intention that the authorities have a more favorable opinion towards the material.

“This is a breakthrough for the hemp construction industry, and the previous document  can be used to help support the acceptance of your project.”

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