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Homegrown cannabis is now legal in Italy


Italian justice will allow the cultivation of cannabis at home from now on, as long as it is for personal use and in minimum quantities.

This is the conclusion of a ruling that the Court of Cassation established on December 19 after a person appealed a cultivation permit of just two plants.

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 “Small-scale farming activities carried out domestically do not constitute a crime,” said the Court.

The difference will be made “the small number of plants and the modest amount of product obtainable seem destined exclusively for personal use“.

This response is given in the framework of the Italian Senate’s refusal to support a law that legalizes the sale of the controversial “cannabis light”. His debate has been considered “inadmissible” by 2020.

Although previously, the Constitutional Court had closed the door to home cultivation in low quantities, the new decision of the judges gives solution to a diffuse issue for judges and legislators.

“The crime of drug cultivation can be configured independently of the amount of active substance that can be obtained immediately”, but should be considered “excluded, as not attributable to the scope of the criminal law, the minimum size cultivation activities carried out domestic, which, due to the rudimentary techniques used, the low number of plants, the very modest amount of product obtainable, the lack of new indicators of its inclusion in drugs, seem to be intended exclusively for the personal use of the grower. “





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