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Hundreds of people defended the cultivation and therapeutic use of cannabis at Expo 4/20



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Foto: Ayerím Villanueva

Despite the intentions of the Fuerza Pública (FP, local law enforcement) to stop the first edition of the Expo 4/20, more than 400 people met this Friday, April 20 to defend the self-cultivation and the therapeutic use of cannabis.

At 8pm at night, a large queue of people waited at the doors of the Las Moiras Restaurant-Theater (San Pedro, Costa Rica) when officers began a massive search outside the precinct.

More than 7 policemen and a dog of the K9 demanded from the administrator of the place, a general requisition that, if not done, would cause the police force to enter to close the place. This was the statement made by an officer to MCN.

The above occurred after the boom that the event had in social networks to summon more than 4000 thousand people in just two weeks of being online.

Fernando Melo. Foto: José Araya

Naturally, the magnitude had as a result the attention of some anonymous who possibly denounced the activity which caused a big to make a alarmist story warning that minors would be attending to the event.

The FP refused to leave the site without first making a general requisition. Given this pressure, the owner of the restaurant went to the public waiting to enter.

“This is a place that has opened the doors to all kinds of events and ideologies […] The police do not leave more options: if we want to open doors already, a revision should be made. Let’s show them that we are educated people and not criminals “

The crowd responded with applause and prepared to collaborate with the authorities. Approximately at 9:15 at night, more than 400 people entered the premises. There were no seizures, abuses of authority or detainees.

Within the premises, organizations received attendees at different tables where people could acquire information of different kinds, in addition, brand merchandise and legal advice on human rights.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, talks on outdoor cultivation were started by representatives of the Costa Rica Cannabis Club group, who spoke about the details that make an efficient crop and substrates for agriculture in general.

Subsequently, the audience warmly received the talk “Everything you wanted to know about the legality of cannabis, but you did not dare to ask” given by Ernesto Cortés, anthropologist and criminologist, of the Association for the Study and Intervention in Drugs (ACEID ) on the prohibition and the Psychotropic Law in Costa Rica.

Foto: José Araya

There was a space for questions and comments that were filled by people interested in cultivation and legality. So, it was encouraged to positively influence to see a change in the way Costa Rica deals with the issue of  cannabis trafficking.

Another moment that caught the attention of the public was the intervention of Stand Up Comedy by Raúl Cabrera whose presentation brought the laughter and applause of the entirety of those present.

“The activity exceeded my expectations, it is good to see the legal part and share what I learned. So we make the change, “said David Hidalgo, assistant to the event. “This is the moment that I was waiting for some time in my country.”

This is the first time in three years that organizations like ACEID, Costa Rica Cannabis Club, Zegreenlab, 710-Love, El Grow, Sociis Plantae, Medical Cannabis News, 710cr and Cáñamo para Costa Rica join forces in favor of a scene without personalities with the objective of promoting the national industry and generating community spaces for discussion.

Throughout the night, attendees enjoyed the beats and messages from artists like Bunny Wabbit, Dj Fernando Melo, Docta Riddim Selecta, Ras Manuel, Huba Watson and Señor R. All with messages that appealed to respect for differences, awareness on medicinal use and a national debate for the benefit of the country.

Expo 420 showed that the discussion about the legalization of cannabis is more like the costarican way of living of peace, ecology, work and respect, than the current system of war, bullets and social division.

The organizers announced that there would be a second edition.


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