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Israel: government withdraws CBD from ‘banned substances’ and cuts prices on medical cannabis

Israel announces historic reform of medical cannabis


Israeli health minister Yuli Edelstein and his vice-ministry Yoav Kish presented a project that will reduce the prices of medical cannabis.

The reform is intended to simplify the process required for a person to receive a prescription for this medicine. This proposal refers to the first steps to address this problem above, discussed in different health bodies.

Another major change has to do with the use from now on, of the CBD compound, an active ingredient in cannabis, with no psychotropic prevalence due to its low or no trace of THC.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health carried out a reform that excludes FOR the first time since 1973, CBD-based products from the list of Illegal Psychotropic Substances.

This would not only allow for a dramatic drop in prices, which would benefit patients. Israel is also looking to make its way into the European CBD market and continue its path of expansion as an exporter of cannabis products first line.

“I gladly accept the mission that Minister Edelstein entrusted to me. I have promised the patients to fix their situation as soon as possible,” said the deputy minister.





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