Israel: Group of researchers develops a technique to increase the concentration of THC and CBG in plants


Researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in conjunction with Mariana Bioscience Ltd; are conducting studies to increase the production of components such as THC and CBG in cannabis plants.

The method they experiment with is to infect plants with a virus designed to increase the production of some substances that plants already naturally have.

Due to the imminent boom in the cannabis industry, both medicinal and recreational, the professors set the goal of creating a mechanism that increases the productivity of the plant that is industrialized and more widespread in the world market.

Some of the results obtained by the Israelis is an increase of up to 17% in the concentration of THC (psychoactive component of cannabis), 25% in CBG and up to 30% in terpenes.

For Professor Alexander Vainstein, leader of the research, the results of the study will be valuable not only for the academic guild, but also for developing and cultivating new and better medicinal strains.

“These study results will be valuable both to industry, to increase the yield of active substances, and to medical research, to cultivate and develop new strains for medical cannabis users,” Vainstein said


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