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Israel: Study reveals patients treated with cannabis need less chemotherapy

This information could change the future of cannabis cancer treatment


Information from new research suggests that the use of cannabis could reduce the use of chemotherapy, which means better outcomes for patients.

The study published in Frontiers of Pharmacology (2019) explores the use of cannabidiol (CBD) applied in conjunction with doxorubicin, a component commonly used in chemotherapy. In the results the researchers observed a significant improvement in therapy.

“The death of cancer cells con doxorubicin was significantly more potent – requiring doses in smaller magnitudes when applied in conjunction with cannabidiol (CBD)”, when compared to another component “, the study points out.

The information suggests that because chemotherapy has so many side effects, these results are quite promising for patients. Some of thisis vomiting, lack of mood, appetite, and sleep.

“We are hopeful that this discovery will lead the way to something new, a more direct method forchemotherapy, one that drastically reduces patients’ pains. Alexander Binshtok said, professor in charge of the Hebrew University where the study was carried out





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