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Los Angeles expunges 66,000 cannabis convictions in a day


The attorney of Los Angeles County (California), Jackie Lacey announced last week that they will expunge the criminal record of 66,000 people convicted for cannabis related crimes since 1961.

The order signed by the Supreme Court eliminates the crimes of registering more than 22,000 people. Well, 15,000 individuals will no longer have a criminal record. 

These types of crimes harm the daily lives of people in various parts of their lives: get jobs, homes and access education.

Many of these have been jailed for owning less than one gram for personal use.

According to reports, police in California made about 2.3 million arrests for decades. To reversed this type of damage was a commitment in the 2016 Prop. 64 voted by the Californian residents. 

Previously, San Francisco County did the same to provide assistance to citizens who have been affected by the war on drugs for decades.

The cannabis ban in California has notoriously affected minority communities. According to reports, the groups that have been most persecuted are Hispanics and African Americans.

“This is the right way to correct the inequities of the past,” Lacey told reporters.





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