Medical cannabis patients are now allowed to receive donations from cannabis producers

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This 2020 is bringing celebrated changes to cannabis medical patients in California. With the passing of SB 223 and SB 34, children using medical cannabis can now return to school and qualifying patients can now receive donated medicine through dispensaries or home delivery services.

These laws have been long awaited by patients whose access to affordable cannabis was discontinued with the passing of Proposition 64 (the Adult Use of Marijuana Act).

SB 223 allows a parent or guardian to administer medical cannabis to their child on school campus in a non-smoking and non-vaping form (i.e oil, capsule, tincture or topical cream).

Currently, medical cannabis students need to be picked up by their parent or guardian and taken off campus in order to receive their medicine, which is significantly disruptive to their school day.

“Beginning March 1, 2020, cannabis retailers may provide free cannabis or cannabis products to qualified medicinal patients or their primary caregivers.” Published by California State Cannabis Licensing Authorities on Feb 28, 2020.

SB 34 allows licensees to donate cannabis to medical patients who face challenges accessing their medicine and will exempt these products from the state’s cultivation, excise, and sales and use taxes.

“Medical cannabis patients”  include an individual with a valid ID card provided by the California Department of Public Health’s Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program.

Donations must be tracked in the California Cannabis Track and Trace system, the number of products donated to a patient in a single day may not exceed the state’s daily possession limits, and the donation must be tracked in the retailer’s inventory records and noted in the sales receipt or invoice.

“As the passage of this bill provides a pathway for California’s most vulnerable cannabis patients to receive the care they need regardless of income, it reminds us all (business owners, consumers, and advocates alike) why we are here and why we continue this fight,” said Josh Drayton, Communication and Outreach Director of the California Cannabis Industry Association.

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