Medicinal cannabis produces relief in patients with bipolar disorder

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Cannabis is a widely used in cases of bipolar syndrome. However, there was an evident conflict over whether this substance alleviates or exacerbates this symptomatology.

A controlled study with consumer and non-cannabis users showed relief in bipolar disorder.

The result is derived from a McLean Hospital research in Belmont, United States. Twelve patients with bipolar disorder who consumed cannabis, 18 bipolar patients who did not consume the drug, 23 cannabis users and 21 healthy controls supplemented a cognitive evaluation to determine if there is deterioration in this system.

The participants were followed each time they consumed cannabis for a period of four weeks where each of them rated their mood three times a day.

The objective of this study was to determine the impact of marijuana on mood in bipolar patients and to examine whether cannabis confers an additional negative impact on cognitive function.

“The results reveal that the group of consumers showed a slight cognitive deterioration in relation to those in the control group. However, no negative impact was found between the consumer group and the non-consumer group. ” says the study.

Analysts conclude that ecological moment evaluation analyzes indicated relief of mood symptoms after consuming the medication.

“The findings suggest that for some bipolar patients, marijuana may result in partial relief of clinical symptoms. Furthermore, this improvement is not at the cost of additional cognitive impairment. “

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