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Medicinal cannabis will be available in hospitals in France

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The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM, acronym in French) has launched a study on medicinal cannabis.

This is an assessment of the relevance and weakness of the implementation of medical cannabis in France as voted by the Senate unanimously on May 28.
The therapeutic use of cannabis could be a reality in the European country with the highest consumption of cannabis, however, this time it would be within a legal and supervised medical context.

Hundreds of thousands of French people suffering from severe pain due to some disease could benefit from this experiment through the national medical system. The figures speak of between 300 thousand to 1 million people.

“There will be approximately two years of experimentation with therapeutic cannabis from the moment when the financing of the Ministry of Health is given the green light,” explained the head of the pharmacology department of the Clermont-Ferrand Clinic of Pain.

“The main objective of the experimentation is to evaluate, in a real situation, the recommendations of the Committee on the prescription, access and adhesion of health professionals to the conditions. Second, collect data on the effectiveness and safety of patients” says the ANSM statement.

In this sense, the experts will have access to extracts of full spectrum of high genetics in various cannabinoids, including: cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in 5 ratios: THC 1: 1 CBD, THC 1: 20 CBD, THC 1 : 50 CBD, THC 5: 20 CBD et THC 20: 1 CBD.

Likewise, the impact, prescription methods and contraindications will be measured. The above is in accordance with the recommendations of the European Parliament in February when they recommended to the states to carry out research to confront the growing use of cannabis for therapeutic use.

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